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Nočná is an open-minded techno party that accents certain societal topics through subtle dancefloor activism. Key ingredient is the visual spectrum - no party looks the same. We like to play with lights, installations and dramaturgy, to get our message across. It is a techno rave with everything you need for it, but also a form of statement, while being a safe space for sexual minorities and open to any tolerant form of self-expression.

Past Bookings:

Giant Swan, Hyperaktivist, Nastya Muravyova, Crystal Geometry, Kamikaze Space Programme, Ekman, Deepneue, Fractions, Size Pier, RSS B0YS, Nina Pixel, Sebastian Koch, Burning Woman, Loktibrada, Peal & more


Elektro hafla

Elektro Hafla is a specific party focused on exploring electronic middle-eastern and oriental sounds. Breaking from traditional cliché of world-music, we are looking for sounds of current desert techno revolution in the East. Mixing in a mixture of disco halal elements, Acid Arab or reaching out as far as to India's borders, these parties are as much about enjoying music, as well as battling the prejudice that is still lurking deep within our society.

Past Bookings:

Arabian Panther, DJ Ramzy al Spinoza, Hiba Salameh, Tropikal Camel, Amar du Désert, Glitter, Mooshak, DJ Džbán, wnchnz


Nová Cvernovka

Nová Cvernovka is an art centre in Slovakia's capital of Bratislava. Paula is the head of dramaturgy and Matwe is taking care of music dramaturgy and video content. It is a unique community full of artistic studios, a club, restaurant and people interested in arts and sciences, willing to collaborate and share. We're happy that we can put our energy at use here, not only with our regular parties (Nočná, Elektro Hafla), but also with other formats.


Private events / hire us

We also organise private events from scratch. We're open to discuss the details of your desired party via call or personal meeting.